Wedding and Not Involve the Bride In Major Decisions

Just recently I was reading about Oprah Winfrey’s new reality show coming up called “Don’t Tell the Bride”. Apparently she’s looking for brides to be who will agree to get married and allow their groom to plan the entire wedding without her knowledge or even a clue of one thing he plans ahead of time.

There will be eight couples chosen and these couples must sign an agreement that the bride will stay out of the entire planning and if she agrees they will receive $25,000 towards their wedding. This is an opportunity for couples in several different ways. Number one, they will get a free wedding and a $25,000 wedding is a nice amount of money and will purchase quite an elaborate wedding. Next, these couples will have the opportunity to be seen on Oprah’s reality TV show which will give them exposure before millions of people who are hooked on watching these types of programs.

These are a couple of really nice pro’s that should attract many couples to fill out the application and agree to participate. But are there any cons to this agreement for the couples themselves? Well let’s look at a couple of things that came to my mind.

It’s always been traditional for the bride to plan most all of the wedding including picking out her wedding dress and the dresses of her bridesmaids. Gee, she won’t even know who her maid of honor or brides maids will be until the wedding day. Also the bride usually chooses the colors they will wear, guess that will be a surprise.

Then there’s the selection of flowers. How many grooms know, without asking, what his bride likes when it comes to flowers? What about the music played and songs sung, can a groom do all this including knowing exactly who to invite without asking his bride? What if some important relative or friend is left out, how will that be handled for all eternity?

What if the groom selects a dress the bride actually hates? This actually happened to me many years ago when I was forced to select a dress I disliked over one I loved due to the influence of my step mother’s decision. I’ve never forgotten how I felt walking down the aisle in that distasteful dress.

Has Oprah thought about the repercussions of a marriage starting out with numerous disappointed brides when they show up on their wedding day and see colors they hate, dresses they loathe, guests who were never supposed to be invited and flowers they are allergic to that they must hold onto as their bouquet? Would his future mother-in-law be invited? What about food ordered from the caterer that the bride finds disgusting or at least something she never would have ordered?

How many couples are willing to place their marriage beginnings in the hands of someone who’s never been married? And if Oprah was planning on getting married would she allow her groom to plan her own wedding? Also, isn’t Oprah using this opportunity to bring her ratings up since she left her day time talk show to start her own television network?

We need to acknowledge that Oprah is a giver and is known for her generous heart. Let’s also remember that most CPA’s remind their rich clients that they must take advantage of numerous large write-offs or they will grace their money to the government instead. So, giving away $200,000 for eight couples to get married is really nice and it’s also a smart business move.