Planning the Wedding Menu

Setting a wedding menu can be a daunting task especially for someone who has never planned such an event before. There are many factors to consider when planning the wedding menu. The time and location of your wedding reception, the cost of the meal, the type of foods you want to serve, choice of a caterer, and theme of your wedding are among the most important factors to consider. Many of these decisions will have to be finalized with your fiance.

Time and location – If you’re having a late morning or early afternoon weekend reception, you would probably serve a brunch or lunch menu to your guests. For an evening reception, a dinner either buffet or sit down style can be planned. A cocktail party can even be an option which will shorten your reception time considerably.

Just as important is the location where the wedding reception will be held. Banquet halls, country clubs, reception halls, churches or even outdoor locations, ie. parks, beaches, can serve as your wedding venues. The choice of location will surely affect the type of food you serve.

Cost of the meal – The expenses for your meal will be greater if more options are offered. Dinner menu items such as Filet Mignon, lamb or seafoods will be pricier than if you were to offer chicken. Chicken is a popular menu item and modestly priced so this could be a good option if you have to keep the cost down.

Choice of a caterer – Discuss your wedding menu with your caterers and have them come up with recommendations. Make sure they are aware of the budget you set. Many caterers provide complimentary tasting to the bride and groom. You may also choose to include your favorite foods or those of family and friends. Couples may also want to offer non-red meat fare or vegetarian options.

Theme of your wedding – If a couple is getting married Hawaiian style, it would definitely be appropriate to serve a luau. Suggested menu for a luau includes roasted whole Kahlua pig, sweet and sour chicken, coconut rice, roasted vegetable salad, and tropical fruits. For a backyard wedding, barbecued chicken, ribs or pork or other traditional picnic foods ie burgers, hot dog, cole slaw, corn, potato salad can be included. Your wedding menu can also reflect the season of the year. Example: in the fall, depending on how cold the weather is, your guests will surely enjoy some soup ie Squash or Potato soup. Roasted turkey, cornish hen, or rib roast are all popular main meal items for the fall. Serve it with some form of pumpkin dessert.

Planning a wedding menu can be fun for some but can be overwhelming for others. There are many food ideas to consider for your wedding reception. Make the food you serve memorable. Balance flavor and texture of the food with eye-appeal. Serve popular menu items and plan your menus considering your guests’ preferences. And, let your menu reflect your ideal wedding feast.