Planning the Wedding Budget

When beginning to plan your wedding, sit down with your fiance and talk about the wedding you want and the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding should be able to relate to your friends and relatives, to who you are and what you are becoming. Next after deciding on some general parameters you will want to have a plan that will help you best determine to track costs.

Take a planner and on the first page write down everything that you will need, for your dream wedding. For example the florist, photographer, cake, reception sites, wedding consultant, ceremony and any other vendors. Now after you have put down everything that you will need for your dream wedding on the next page title that page your realistic wedding. Now on the realistic wedding page list everything that you will need and the amounts for each. For example start with the florist and put down the cost of the floral centerpieces, bouquet etc.Now this is for the realistic wedding only. Remember the first page is your dream wedding. Also for the realistic wedding make a list of the amount money needed to feed your guests. When you are finished and after you have done your homework and compared the dream wedding verses the realistic wedding you will then have a realistic budget for your entire wedding.

Now sit down with your finance and take a real hard look at what your wedding will cost. Now the both of you will have an idea with what you are really working with for your budget. With the right planning you may be able to cut costs and save in different areas. For example if you decide to have a buffet brunch your cost on food would go down considerable. If your choose flowers that are in season this would help lower the costs of your flowers. Remember planning is the key for any wedding and planning early.