Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

Unless you are a professional wedding planner, the best tip for anyone planning a wedding is to get advice. Yes, it is much easier if you can afford to hire a wedding planner, but if that is not possible, the next best thing is to go online where those in the wedding business have posted information to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

You will probably be surprised to find all that is available online to help you plan and manage your wedding. These sites are thorough, well thought out and, best of all, they were created by those wedding planners you could not afford to hire!

Here are some of the wedding planning tools that are available on the worldwide web:

Address Book and RSVP Manager

This online tool can help you gather addresses, time the mailing of your invitations, identify save-the-date tools, and even track RSVPs. It can also track RSVPs for multiple events – such as the wedding, bachelor party, bridal shower and more.

These online tools also let you record gifts, track thank-you notes and even plan the seating arrangements for the reception or shower. Best of all, you can choose to enter the contact information manually, or use the automated system that imports your contacts for you.

Task List Manager

You may think you know all the steps involved in planning a wedding, but that does not mean you will remember all of them at the appropriate time. To keep track of all you have to do, go online to find a wedding task list manager. They sort the tasks starting 9 months or more before the wedding.

With this countdown system, you know what has to get accomplished each month. The tasks start with setting the wedding date. Other reminders include setting the theme of your wedding, choosing your attendants and getting started on the financial budget. The site will prioritize your task list and even send you reminders about what needs to get done. It has the capability of creating notes and to-do lists you can share with others.

Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are probably one of the best ways to communicate your plans to your friends and family members. In one location (on the web), you can tell everyone the story of your courtship, details of the engagement and plans for the big day. Best of all, many wedding websites are free if you are using a vendor’s services. For example, if you are buying your dress from a vendor, that vendor may be able to offer you a free site. It’s definitely something to look into, because these sites are fun and functional. Best of all, visitors to the site can leave you notes of congratulations or encouragement – or even more advice to make your wedding special.

Budget Planners

Budget planners are available on some online wedding sites. These detailed budget planners can make the financial planning easier for you. They start by asking you what you want to spend and how many people you plan to invite. They offer tips for stretching your budget and how to organize and update expenses. They also suggest appropriate allocations of funds. Best of all, these sites combine the expertise of financial managers with the experience of professional wedding planners. What could be a better source of sound financial advice?

Local Resources

Find local resources online. These sites invite vendors to advertise their services. You will find a range of services – from bakers to musicians, photographers, caterers, DJs, limo services and authorities who can perform the ceremony. Most listings are divided by state and further broken down by big cities or regions of the state. Even if you do not live in a city, it is quite possible that you would hire a photographer to come to your area to photograph your wedding. Or you might want to venture into the city for your reception. Geography really is not a big issue when it comes to finding the right services or vendors for your wedding – and these sites are a good place to start.


Learn the etiquette involved in a wedding. While you may not be trying to impress anyone with your nuptials, the point of etiquette is to make sure everyone is comfortable. Wedding websites can help you learn what is expected and where you can change it up and put your own mark on the ceremony. For example, tradition dictates that the father of the bride walks her down the aisle. But what if Dad is no longer in the picture? Etiquette sites will advise brides to invite their mother to make the trip up the aisle, or a favorite brother or uncle. But it will also tell the bride she can go it alone if that is what makes her most comfortable.