Groom Plans the Wedding

Many women have dreamed about the perfect wedding all of their lives. However, some women are excited to get married, but have no interest in planning a wedding. Sometimes she leaves the details up to her mom or a wedding planner, but if he wants to handle the arrangements, why not let the groom plan the wedding?

There are a variety of reasons why a bride might prefer not to plan her own wedding. Perhaps she is a medical student without a moment to spare. Or maybe she started the planning, but found it to be too stressful. Then of course, there are some women who simply do not have the wedding planning gene. If you want a beautiful wedding, but flipping through bridal magazines and picking out bouquets just bores you to tears, that’s okay. In some relationships, it is the guy who is more detail oriented and organized. If that sounds familiar, maybe you should let your fiance handle the wedding planning.

Now you may think, uh-oh, if the groom is in charge of the planning, what will the wedding be like? Do you picture groomsmen in tuxedo t-shirts, kegs of beer, and catering by the Hooters girls? Don’t worry, that is not what we are talking about here! (If that would be your groom’s dream wedding, then definitely hire a planner.) Many men are actually quite capable of planning a tasteful and elegant wedding.

The groom can do some of the planning, most or it, or even all of it. The third option means that pretty much all the bride has to do is show up and say, “I do”. Recruiting your fiance to make the wedding arrangements does mean giving up some control, and allowing him to to make independent decisions. It is not fair to expect for him to do all of the work without letting him have the fun of injecting his personality into the event.

One part of planning a wedding that interests all grooms is the food. When a man makes the reception arrangements, you can expect to have great food, a delicious cake, and a free-flowing open bar. If he is not as interested in details like centerpieces and bouquets, do not be concerned; that is why you hire a good florist – she will know what to do. Wedding professionals can take a few hints about your general style and taste, and take it from there to create something fabulous.

Even if she has left everything else to the groom, the bride will have to choose her own wedding gown. Most brides prefer to keep the gown a secret from the groom. Personally, that would be my advice, because I believe that one of the most special moments of a wedding is when the groom catches his first glimpse of the bride in her gown as she comes down the aisle. For that same reason, I would also discourage pre-wedding group photo sessions, even if it is more convenient.

That said, some women like to include their groom in the bridal gown selection. There two common reasons why a bride would make this choice. The first is finances – if the couple is paying for their own wedding, sometimes that bride feels that any purchase as expensive as her bridal gown should be a joint decision. The more usual reason is that the bride wants to be absolutely certain that her groom loves the way she looks in her favorite gown before committing to it.

If you decide to allow the groom to see your gown, at least keep the final result a surprise from him. This means that after the dress has been selected, he should not be involved in the accessory decisions. Once you add a beautiful veil, a sparkling tiara, and fabulous bridal jewelry, you will be transformed from a woman in a lovely dress to a real bride. Do be sure before purchasing your bridal jewelry that the groom has not already selected something special for you. Particularly if he knows what the gown looks like, the groom might want to treat you to a lovely necklace or pair of earrings.

For brides who do not have the time or the desire to undertake the daunting task of planning a wedding, sometimes the best thing to do is leave it up to the groom. As long as your fiance is willing and able, trust him to make your wedding day as wonderful and memorable as you have always imagined it. Allowing the bride to simply show up on the day of the wedding, radiant and stress-free, might be the best gift that a man could give to the love of his life.