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Planning Your Own Wedding

One of the most common ways to reduce wedding planning stress is to hire a wedding planner. Unfortunately, wedding planners are not always affordable and neither are some of the ideas they will have for your wedding. This leaves most brides planning their own wedding.

In this article we are going to take a look at a few quick tips to help you get started planning your wedding in the right way.

Tip #1: Set A Realistic Budget

We all hate budgeting, but it is necessary. You don’t want your marriage to start off in a big debt because of your wedding. The two of you will need to come up with a final price tag that makes sense for your wedding. For some couples it is $30 000 for others it is only $5000. With a little creativity and work you can work within either of those budgets.

Tip #2: Select A Date And Time For The Wedding

This will be one of the first things you will need to decide. Make sure that you think this through. A summer wedding will cost more then a winter wedding. Can you afford to have your wedding in the summer? Will you save some money by having a wedding in the fall?

You should also keep in mind the time of day you will be having the wedding. A wedding that takes place in the mourning will be cheaper then one that takes place in the afternoon.

Tip #3: Decide On The Perfect Location

To save money and to capture the mood you should consider alternative locations to the usual ones. For example, you may be able to get married on the beach or even a local park. Both of these options can be rather inexpensive.

Regardless, of where you choose to have your wedding make sure you book the venue early on in the planning process. The best locations always seem to be booked months ahead of time.

Tip #4: Decide On The Number Of Guests

It’s a good idea to decide how many guests you want to attend your wedding very early in the planning process. The number of guest will effect your budget and many of your catering decisions. Even for a small 50 guests keeping them fed can get very pricey.

Tip #5: Decide On A Theme, Feel, And Look

Coming up with a theme is easy for some and harder for others. Sometimes your locations set the theme for you. For example, if you have your wedding at the beach then the beach can be your theme. For a more traditional wedding you may have to consider more about the look and feel of your wedding. What colors do you want to make use of? How do you want to make use of flowers? How do you want to make use of lighting?

Tip #6: Decide On Food

The food you have for your guests is very important. You don’t want your guests living unsatisfied and hungry. You have to decide if you want a multi-course meal or something more simple.

Tip #7: Decide On Entertainment

Do you want a band? Would you prefer a DJ? Make sure that you book one sooner rather then later. The good ones are always busy.

Would you like a simple, easy, and stress free way to plan your wedding?

Start Planning the Wedding Decoration

If a couple is planning their wedding day, then they are probably well aware today, that they have to spend a lot of time into planning it.

One of the biggest problems, at least in the initial stages of the planning, is where to start.

If you are looking for some unique wedding decorating ideas, then hopefully this article will give you a few inspirations to get you started.

Firstly, you will want to decide what sort of wedding you are going to have. Are you going to have a traditional wedding or something particularly modern or unique?

Of course, it is your choice and it is your special day so what you are going to do is entirely your choice between you and your partner.

You will find a lot of different decorations by searching the internet. There are many options to choose your unique wedding decoration.

There are so many different aspects of the wedding ceremony that make the day unique and special. Decorating is definitely one of them.

If you are looking for something particularly unique and original, then you are certainly not alone. You will be able to find many inspirations and different ideas and if you want, you can even do something a bit more extreme. There are some particularly crazy wedding ceremonies that have taken place.

When planning your decoration, you want to have something which obviously fits in with the theme of the wedding you have chosen.

Some people like to have a certain colour theme for the ceremony for example. Certain colours means certain things to some people, and if you have a love for a specific colour or set of colours, then you may want to deploy these preferences in the decorations.

Decorations fall into various different categories as well. Firstly, you have traditional decorations, modern decorations and sort of elegant and baroque kind of decorations.

Generally, the sort of decorations that you want to use depend largely on the sort of surroundings. For example if you are having a church wedding, you will typically want to have traditional sorts of decorations.

Grooms Make Planning the Wedding

For most people, marriage happens only once in their lives and they always get excited about their wedding plans. Because of this excitement, they may make wrong decisions they will soon regret after their wedding day. They miss the obvious signs that could have avoided a mistake.

Here are the common wedding planning mistakes made by the couples that can serve as a lesson to those who are planning on tying the knot:

  • Impulsive decisions. Because the couples are overly excited, they often make rushed decisions about booking wedding vendors. They often forget to collect and compare detailed information from different vendors. Pros and cons must be weighed first. It is important to gather data by making surveys, asking opinions and gathering feedback from others, conducting your own research about the wedding vendors, etc. Give yourself time to think before making any decisions you may regret later on.
  • They are easily convinced by advertisements and persuasion. Wedding vendors will always saying good things about their product and services. They hide their flaws so they can make a sale. They also make suggestions that you should have this and that in your wedding, but in fact these things may be unnecessary. Their words can be very persuasive, and an emotional couple can fall into this trap. Avoid being a victim of this strategy by not completely relying on what they are saying. Do your own research.
  • Inaccurate budgets. Guessing how much you are going to spend on this and that can cause a couple end to miscalculate their budget. Expenses will go higher than your budget allows, and some couples end up in debt due to their excessive wedding expenses. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure you find out how much each expense will really cost you.
  • Making a commitment with the first vendor you meet. Do not make the mistake of booking the first supplier you speak to. Find time to inquire with other suppliers. There might be someone who can offer you better service and product than the first one.
  • Over spending. Because couples are so excited about having their dream wedding come true, they tend to spend on whatever suggestions that are shown to them even, if it is really unnecessary. You can avoid this by being strict about your budget and keeping track of your expenditures.

Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

If you are on a budget, you can still have a dream wedding if you follows some basic steps. You should start with planning your wedding and upfront establish a budget that works for all involved. You will find that you can plan a non-traditional wedding that not only cuts costs, is a lot of fun and easy to do. You can also opt for a smaller wedding that can allow you more flexibility in terms of costs. You can also make wedding crafts that are unique and inexpensive to add to the professional setups. With these ideas in mind, let’s first look at the non-traditional wedding.

Many couples have chosen the beach as a low-cost venue to have their wedding. If you go this route, you only need to worry about paying the clergy, and be prepared to offer a reception that takes place either in a nearby restaurant or hall that is near where you marry. This is a fun, more casual way to get married that is wonderful, intimate and low costs. Remember, that your wedding day should be the day of you and your future-husband’s dreams and it shouldn’t all be about money. People are coming to help you celebrate your love for each other, and coming to the beach is one way to do it.

If non-traditional is not your bag, you may opt for a smaller, more intimate affair. While you may want to invite every family member from around the world and every friend you’ve made since grammar school, your budget will say otherwise. You can invite as many people as you can afford, and as a result, invite everyone to the church ceremony, but only invite select people to the reception. In this way, you can save money, and everyone can see you tie the knot.

Making wedding crafts and decorations is another fun way you can reduce wedding costs. Instead of paying for expensive centerpieces, you can go to the craft store, engage your creativity and make your own with the help of your bridesmaids and other interested parties. You can find deals on wedding runners, flowers in bulk that you can set up and make favors that are personalized and individually made rather than spending for the traditional book of matches that used to be the norm.